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A new model for transformational PMS and ERP project returns

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One of our main pieces of research and advisory development underway at Kingsmead Square focuses on designing a model and supporting tools to help firms achieve genuine business transformation impact as an outcome of their substantial investment in new or upgraded Practice Management Systems (PMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. Using our observations and analysis of multiple engagements with law firms and interviews with process and technology consultants working on financial and ERP process and system projects across both legal and other sectors, we have identified a number of areas where firm leaders are typically dissatisfied with Return on Investment (RoI) and the level of business change achieved.  We have also created an initial model for firms looking to identify the various areas where PMS/ERP investments should deliver a substantial business impact in the digital age.  The short slide deck presenting this work in outline can be downloaded here.  We will be in discussion with UK law firm CIOs and IT Directors on this model live at The Alternative Legal IT Conference on 15th September 2015.