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Agile business intelligence is the emerging professional firm 'must-have'

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Our multi-stage Information to Impact model is at the heart of many of the engagements we undertake with professional firms today.  The model enables firms to take hugely topical but too-often obscure and technology-centric issues like Big Data, Analytics, Management Information, Metrics, Client Insight and Business Intelligence and understand how they can deliver real business improvement in a professional firm environment.  Typically, 75% of the challenge is around behaviour, timing and governance and not around technology at all.  Our model is focused on understanding first and foremost what insights are needed to support critical decisions, both regular and one-off.  We also give significant weight to decision rights and to ensuring that insights are provided at the right time and in the right format for the decision-maker.  In today's business world all of this can be enabled very effectively by the agile business intelligence tools that are beginning to challenge and replace big, fixed, expensive data warehouses and MI systems.  The attached link to Format14 on LSN showcases resources - both written and video - that we have produced that explain this area in more detail. Click here to access.