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Business Planning 2015/16 - we're with you every step of the way

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OK.  Many of us haven't even broken up for the Christmas holidays.  Some of us haven't bought the presents yet, for goodness sake.  We're over a week away from a new calendar year.  For the many law firms with 30 April year-ends out there it could seem, therefore, impossibly premature for us to be focusing on business plans for 2015/16.  But that is, indeed, what we are doing.  

Today we mark the kick-off point of a six month programme of ideas, advice, assistance and debate to take professional firm leaders through their strategic and business planning cycle for 2015/16.  Kingsmead Square engages primarily with strategy and strategy execution advice.  The linked disciplines of strategy, business planning and execution/implementation lie at the heart of this work.  For the first time, over the coming months, we will endeavour to track - week by week - the phases of this cycle as firms approach and begin to engage with each of them.  Note that, although I've referred to the cycle a few times, we don't really buy the concept of planning as a massive, formalised, time-boxed annual process.  What we do know, however, is that we are entering that part of the year when it gets a huge amount more airtime in law firms and our aim is to help firms out there get more from the time and effort they expend.

We will be publishing articles and blog posts but also running live seminars and events; more news about the latter early in the New Year.

For now we most certainly don't want to spoil anybody's Holidays. But once we are into 2015, 1 May will come around before we know it.  And we do know that this short period does provide some rare opportunity for reflection: whether winter walks, lazy lie-ins, New Years Resolution bike rides, pausing at the top of the slopes or just having the house to yourself when everyone else has gone to the sales.  Not a bad time to allow your mind to wander over questions of your firm's strategy - how clear it is, how well understood, whether it needs some care and attention and what challenges and opportunities the next 18 months or so might throw up.  The quality of your ideas and thinking will undoubtedly be stimulated by your surroundings and being out of the work routine.  Nobody seems to get their best ideas sat down in front of a computer (as Albert Einstein asked, "why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving?").  

If you find yourself hankering after a bit of stimulating reading on a business theme (personally I'd leave it until after Christmas, but each to their own) or have a stack of e-book vouchers you don't know what to do with, amidst the constellation of excellent reads we would certainly recommend taking a look at is Martin and Laffley 'Playing to Win: how strategy really works'.  

We look forward to engaging with our clients, contacts and partners and sharing business planning best practices widely in 2015.  For now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.