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Getting started with Kingsmead Square

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Uniquely, Kingsmead Square is an advisory firm focused very carefully on longer term relationships with Boards, Leaders and Executive teams in legal and professional service firms.  These Retained Advisory engagements have a duration of anything from six months to many years.  However, every relationship has to start somewhere.  We don't - and can't - expect professional firm leaders to engage one of our team for a multi-year advisory relationship without getting to know us a bit first.  

Whilst that level of confidence can sometimes be established through just a few face-to-face meetings (we like to think that one common characteristic of our team is that we're very easy to get to know!), it is more often through an initial time-limited engagement.  Here is where what we do crosses over with more conventional consulting engagements.  Clients often ask us to engage with them initially to review and assess one or other of the following critical parts of the business and our Retained Advisory relationships typically follow-on from there.  Our most common initial projects are:

  • Strategy review or refresh - either a rapid review or a root-and-branch strategy development project.  We have worked with multiple firms in recent years to create much clearer, sharper and more executable strategies and to test them against the new challenges of the Digital Age
  • Governance review - we take a look at every aspects of how your organisation is governed, taking in owner/shareholder, Board/Director, Manager/Executive responsibilities, relationships and report lines.  We use established corporate governance standards and our own alternative models for modern professional firm governance
  • Programme or Project assurance - at some point in the life of many strategic change programmes or projects an objective external assessment can be invaluable. We can perform rapid evaluations of the governance, business impact and strategic alignment of programmes and projects and deliver practical solutions for the issues, risks and problems we identify


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