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Kingsmead Square Launch

Read about where it all started

We first met in 2006 when Chris was Chief Operating Officer at Osborne Clarke and Louise was Head of Professional Services at Barclays PLC.  It was clear back then that we were ‘like-minded’ and both focused on bringing different perspectives and experience to the sector given our broad backgrounds.

Our professional paths continued to cross, but it wasn’t until late 2012 that we found ourselves in a café in Bath talking about the shifting nature of business management in professional services firms (as you do).  

In a nutshell our vision is of a consulting firm that gets things done.  One constantly bringing fresh thinking and new ideas, but made up of true ‘insiders’, comfortable with professional services and the people that work in it.  A business focused on how you manage your business.  We are excited by the once in a generation chance to work with clients to implement and accelerate big changes and to grasp the opportunity to grow in this fast changing market.

Over the last six months we have developed our thinking in a number of areas and extended our range of expert strategic partners. 

Our accumulated experience and learning has been poured into the Kingsmead Square Business Management Model that we first sketched out in that Bath café.

To learn more about our Business Management Model, visit our Solutions page.

Our business is named KINGSMEAD SQUARE after the square in Bath where we first set about bringing the vision to life.  We hope to work with you to realise it.