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5 Ways We Can Help

Tap into our capability & capacity in the way that suits you best

You might think that you have seen ‘how all consultants work’.  But, at Kingsmead Square, we have evolved a number of effective routes for clients to get the benefit of our expertise, market knowledge and leadership experience.  Our approach is simple: we deliver the input our clients need in the manner that suits them best.  No doubt new clients and engagements will require us to develop additional models over the next year but the following ways of working with us already cover a wide spectrum of client needs:

Consulting Projects: Kingsmead Square are engaged to deliver a secific business outcome, often based around one of our own series of innovative Solutions.  We help our clients to fill gaps in either their capability or capacity or, typically, in both

Subject Matter Experts: one or more of our Kingsmead Square consultants work within a client or multi-stakeholder project team to contribute specific expertise or experience that is critical to success

Non-Executive Director or Retained Advisor: a Kingsmead Square consultant contributes a broad range of regular insight and experience over a sustained period to our client’s Board or business leaders

Interim Executive: a Kingsmead Square consultant works inside our client in a part-time executive role for a defined period, typically to deliver a business transformation objective

Knowledge Transfer: Kingsmead Square transfer a specific body of knowledge, skills and expertise to our client using a tailored mix of presentations, workshops, training and one-to-one support.