Financial management covers the planning, processes, information and capabilities that deliver top tier financial performance and drive business growth.  Financial management includes the end-to-end management of revenue through the firm as well as cost management, working capital, budgeting and financial KPIs.

At Kingsmead Square we bring to our clients market-leading experts in the end-to-end management of revenue from scoping a client engagement, through pricing and project management to invoicing and cash collection. As Retained Advisors we put a premium on helping firms in aligning business planning with financial planning and reporting, and designing the right metrics to track your performance. As margins continue to be squeezed, our Board-level guidance on managing cost, procurement and financing can assist even the best managed firms to make a significant impact on their bottom line.

Our Retained Advisory team includes extensive experience in:

  • Revenue Management & enhancement (Client to Cash Process)
  • Pricing
  • Business Planning
  • Smarter Spending
  • Financial Fundamentals

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