Infrastructure management synthesises the deployment of physical (real estate, office workspace, on-site services) and virtual (IT software, digital devices, data and voice networks) to support your business.  The focus on large, static urban offices is shifting towards a more flexible, and mobile spectrum of locations that can be leveraged well by knowledge-based professionals.

At Kingsmead Square our Retained Advisory team includes some of the most experienced leaders in the UK in terms of managing rapid growth and development of law firm infrastructure work.  Our advice to firm leadership teams helps them with re-evaluating infrastructure as a strategic priority and charting an implementable route through what we believe will be the biggest period of change for firm’s infrastructure in memory.  We advise on ensuring that the working environment fits the unique requirements of each firm’s people, clients and economics and that the future shape and cost of the firm’s infrastructure reflects dramatic changes in mobile working, a globalised and distributed workforce, cloud computing and intensifying commercial pressures.  A number of our team have highly specialised experience in how organisations should deal with the rising strategic priority of managing infrastructure risk.

Our Retained Advisory team includes extensive experience in:

  • Future Professional Workplace Strategy & Planning
  • Mobile working programmes
  • Infrastructure and IT Risk 
  • Business Continuity
  • Shared Service Centre set-up

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